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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

Raiia-manclala~daricaja\ Ginjee was given the name Padu&fabad.
No one among the Raja's people, male or female, escaped with
life', the pracHianfs men who were outside the fort wtre the
sole survivors. Nawab ilir Kaniruddin Khan occupied tli*
country to the south up to the Kolladain and posted fakzdftn tt
Valikondai, Palaiyamkottai, Valudavur, and Tiiuvaii^amalai.
The territories occupied by the Hyderabad troops and ruled
by the fauzdctrs were also declared annexed to tuat state, Tie
area so included in Hyderabad comprised Vandavusi, KaScl-
puram, Cengalepattn, JTirappaSur, Satyavegu, Caiv:lragiri»
Saruvappalii, Yelm-n, Sattiikedai and SekkudevakecLu. Tie
territory taken, by the Padnsah of Bijapiir include A Ginjee-
Padusahbad, Tiruvannamalai, Valudavar, Pakiyan^kotfai aud
Valikondai. Thus these $arh{i)S and the eighty-four fort?? in
them together comprising the Payia Ghat Kar^ataka were
ruled by the two Padusahs. Nawab Mir Kamraddin Khau
appointed Anantanarayana Pillai to the dlwanship by
negotiation through the pradhanis of the late king, because he
desired to master the secrets of the Kamataka (administration)
by retaining men of experience. Then he sent Sher Khan
Lodi, Sikandar Khan Lodi, and Ibrahim Khan Lo^Li at the
head of 40,000 troops, infantry and horse to effect the conquest
of the Rajas of Tanjore, Trichinopoly and Madura. They
invaded all these areas and invested the forts and fought
battles. At first the wkU of Yijayaraghava Kayaka, the Raja
of Tanjore, offered money and made peace and reached »
settlement regarding the future; Vijayarangappa NSyak« of
Trichinopoly was also inclined to make peace. But Tirntfcala
Nayaka of Madura, who was in the position of nuzeraia over
them, did not make peace; he strengthened his tbrtificatioiis,
and summoned to his aid the local Marava rSjas of BIma-
nathapuram and Sivagangfai and the pStaigars, and antffUged
to hand over to the protection of the kallar* the territories of
Mel-Tamrarasa-na^w (?), Mel-na^w, KSl-na^w, YeBrr-*$|tt and
Nalu-kottai-«5dw; the lallars are known as the wfttekma of
the Madura kingdom. Fifty thonsand of theffte ingarf pined
together to enter the MofeKm camp at night, damage